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September 26, 2006

I am prejudiced

I am going to admit something I have never admitted before.  I am prejudice! Yep me. Who'd a' thunk it. I know this because in the last 2 weeks I have caught myself being so twice. Let's start with the first instance. I was getting on a the subway train when I heard someone running behind me. This being New York City, I continued to get on the train but glanced back to make sure that no one was running after me with a knife, bat golf club bucause this is the big city I am sure that someone has been beaten to death with with a flip-flop. And there he was, a homeless man, disheveled and unclean and carrying loads of bags. By the rustling sound in the bags, I assumed they were filled with homeless mans gold.  To you and me, that's cans with a 5 cent return on each. But for him, it is kind of like black gold or Texas T,  found money in garbage cans. Now this is the part where my prejudices show: I caught myself wondering why was he running. I mean really where the hell does he have to go in a hurry. It's not like he is going to be late getting HOME or to a BUSINESS MEETING! I know that this was just wrong but I thought it. Do I not know something about the homeless? Are they on a tight schedule?  Do they have to be at the park bench at a certin time lest they get the bad bench? I know, I know; I'm going to hell for being observant. I am obviously not privy to the life of a homeless person but I would think it goes like this. Wake up late... beg for cash.. rummage though garbage cans for cans to return, take nap (any place will do), take bottles to the drop off spot, get cash, either do drugs with it or eat - homeless persons choice, take a nap (once again anywhere will do), either from the "itis" or the drugs, catch the people coming home from work and beg for more cash, find place to sleep, and start all over again in the morning. This does not seem like this is a very regimented day to me. It does not lseem like there is anything that can not be done later. So why was he running to get on the train???

Ok.  On the my next prejudice thought. I live in the ghetto and while walking home I saw a gay couple. I know what you are going to say: "Kwaku how could you dislike gays?" But let me finish with the story. I saw this gay couple and I was happy. That's right happy; but not for the reasons you think. I saw this couple and all I could think about was that I was going to get a star-bucks in my neighborhood. I know there is no logic in this association, but I feel that there is some magical unwritten law, held secret by the wizards at StarBucks you know the same ones that will put two stores facing each other. According to these sages more than two openly gay couples in a neighborhood is followed, immediately, by the appearance of a Starbucks .. like over night (tomorrow I am not even making coffee.. I am just going to have a 5 buck Latte). I told myself this is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.  But still I am excited about the new Starbucks opening soon.

So there you have it . We all have these preconceived notions about race, sexuality and class. These are normal, even to be expected.  Mine are just a little straner then most.

Posted by Kwaku at September 26, 2006 2:02 PM


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