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6th and 5th in Brooklyn

Images of found shoes on city streets.
Found on 6th and 5th.
Ok I am not slacking it is just really hard to find shoes in the ghetto. I guess poor people do not throw out shoes. I wonder what happens to them?


no comment,a shoe is a shoe it probably fell out of a garbage truck.

That is true, but is it art?
Look at Marcel Duchamp's readymades. Art is not just made.
Maybe this quote will help:
Duchamp's readymades in particular question the viewer's beliefs in both artistic value and artistic choice. This cleverly prompts confusion between what are two closely related but distinguishable notions of the art object. For example, a viewer questioning artistic value might ask him/herself the question, "What is it that makes this object art?" while a viewer questioning artistic choice might ask, "Does the artist's choice make this object art?" Now, I am not saying that I am on a level with Duchamp, but I do want people to think about the world around them and find the art inherent in it.

need friends

Always need another friend named Kwaku.

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